Martin is Just the Right Prescription for Patients!

The first of our #HiddenHeroes is one of our nurses at HMP Kirkham: Martin. Martin is a nurse who has also completed a prescribing qualification.

Martin is an extremely supportive and accommodating member of the healthcare team who continually provides extra support to his colleagues and patients. As well as nursing, Martin is also experienced in substance misuse services. He frequently dedicates his spare time to support to the clinical aspect of this to patients on site.

Most recently, Martin has arrived at work unannounced when he was meant to be on annual leave. Martin was aware of the staff shortages which have been caused by the current pandemic and wanted to help out. He was conscious patients would be left without someone on site who was able to prescribe medication to them. Surpassing his duties, he has attended work on more than one occasion to make sure patients had the access to medication which they required.

Throughout the pandemic the small healthcare team based within the prison have become much closer as a unit. They have been boosting morale and positivity between one another and really working together to support one another. The ability to work together as a team is needed now more than ever to ensure service delivery success and through COVID-19 the prison has come closer as a whole.

We would like to say a huge thank you to Martin, all of the #hiddenheroes and everyone working on the frontline who are going above and beyond in these unprecedented times.