Lyndsey Brings the Service That Patients Renal-ly Need!

Our fantastic nurse Lyndsey has been recognised as a #HiddenHero by her colleagues in HMP Preston.

During the current pandemic, HMP Preston have been able to maintain the care of a patient in need of renal dialysis – care which would have been put on hold if it wasn’t for Lyndsey.

Lyndsey joined the team in Preston just over 10 months ago  having never previously worked in the Health and Justice sector. She’s already had a fantastic impact, bringing with her a background in renal nursing and previously working in a renal dialysis unit for over 7 years.  

After adjusting to new ways of working and spending time with patients, Lyndsey noticed there was a requirement for renal dialysis services within HMP Preston and set out to make a change. Using her initiative, she began contacting local community renal services teams to tackle the situation.   

Working alongside community renal service establishments, Lyndsey managed to obtain the equipment needed to enable the team to carry out these treatments on site.

Normally when patients from HMP Preston require this treatment, they would be escorted off site to a renal dialysis unit and two officers would attend alongside the patient for 5 hours. Through Lyndsey’s creativity and implementation of these services onsite, there has been a significant saving in officer time (over 1500 hours per patient across the year) and an overall cost saving for the company. 

Lyndsey is now working alongside other members of the healthcare team to train them in renal dialysis. This will give the site the ability to still offer this treatment to patients when Lyndsey is not on shift. She also attends work early on dialysis days to prime and test the equipment before use. 

Lyndsey is an extremely positive and upbeat member of staff who is dedicated to making real changes to the sector. HMP Preston is now in talks with the commissioner to become a specialist in providing renal dialysis services to a wider number of patients.  

Well done Lyndsey! A big thank you to you and everyone working on the frontline who are going above and beyond in these unprecedented times.