Lois is a star support for GPs

The next of our #HiddenHeroes is Lois, GP Rota Administrator, who has provided excellent support to our medical teams in recent weeks.

As a key member of the Business Admin team, Lois helps to manage the clinical schedules of our GPs, many of whom work across a vast network of prison sites in the North and have been under increasing pressure as we respond to COVID-19. Lois coordinates GPs and supports access to these sites, aiding staff and ensuring that essential patient clinics are still running despite the Coronavirus. She also manages the out of hours ‘on call’ rota, which ensures that a senior clinician and operational manager are available to support staff outside of office hours.

Lois is always willing to take on extra work and is keen to develop her skills; she has done this recently by taking minutes at extra meetings that have occurred due to COVID-19.

Helen, Head of Transformation in HMP Durham, says, “Lois has always been a hero to me! She is my right-hand woman and has been a rock in recent weeks, particularly given the pressure the Associate Medical Director and I have been under. We really appreciate the support she gives.”

Dr Chidlow, our Clinical Lead in York, also adds: “Lois is amazing – things are done before you need them doing! She is very patient with all our rota changes and is such a reassuring voice at the end of a phone line.”

Spectrum’s new Responsible Officer, Janine, says, “Lois has done an excellent job of supporting me in my new role, even though we’ve had to do everything remotely. She is super organised and has a definite ‘can do’ attitude. Well done Lois!”