Essential Key Workers become Essential Friends

Halfway through isolation, Angela and her family had started to run low on supplies to keep them going. The family’s morale had lowered and the pandemic was getting them all down. Tracie and Lesley had been checking in with Angela regularly and picked up on her change in mood.

The pair made the decision that they wanted to boost the family’s spirits and set out to help. Leaving work one evening they collected some essential items and made their way to Angela’s home.

After a knock at the door, Angela was greeted with her smiling colleagues faces (from a socially acceptable distance of course) and a bag full of shopping for her and her family to enjoy.

Angela commented “I was absolutely overjoyed by their kindness. Both Tracie and Lesley live some way from me. To me and my family they truly are #HiddenHeroes and deserve to be recognised for their selfless act”

Well done to Tracie and Lesley for your act of kindness and showing true friendship. Kindness is the theme for this week’s Mental Health Awareness Week. Showing kindness is great for your own mental health and wellbeing, it can also reduce stress and improve your emotional wellbeing.