Joining of growing legion of #healthcarheroes this month is Jo, Health Promotion Lead at HMP Styal.

Jo is passionate about supporting, delivering and improving offender healthcare services at HMP Styal. She has a real understanding of the difficulties in engaging and educating the women in the estate and works endlessly alongside them to help maintain and improve their health and wellbeing.

Debra, Head of Healthcare at HMP Styal commented, Jo never shy’s away from work and will complete any task asked of her to a high standard. She is always the one that says ‘I’ll do it’ or ‘leave that with me’ which is a refreshing sound to hear during difficult and tiring times for staff. It is a pleasure to have Jo on the team”

Across her time with Spectrum Jo has achieved the following:

  • 1st person within Spectrum to use the Styal radio to discuss health promotion and give advice to patients – she then encouraged colleagues to engage and promote their specialities.
  • Worked alongside the women in HMP Styal to create content, design and implement prison discharge information packs.
  • Supported the prison and created evidence of women’s improved health and wellbeing when working in the prison gardens – this resulted in a national award for the Green on the Outside of Prisons project.
  • Organised several large Health and wellbeing fairs for both service users and staff.
  • Major player in implementing Smoke Free Prisons. Continuing to be the lead for the smoking cessation and delivery of clinics.
  • At the forefront in supporting the Female Health service and has been a major link in improving the Hep C service, BBV, Cervical and Breast Screening.
  • Works closely with prison service to ensure integration and improved services delivery
  • Implemented Healthcare advocates across the site

Most recently Jo played a pivotal role in the Hepatitis C Elimination Project – Prison-Based Test and Treat. This project involved reducing Hep C testing times from 2 weeks to less than 12 hours and test to result times from 1 week to less than 2 hours through a rapid test and treat model went on to be shortlisted for a HSJ Value Award.

Jo’s colleague, Nicola, Practice Nurse also commented – “I have had the pleasure of working with Jo for the past 6 months. I can honestly say she is the most dedicated, hardworking, committed colleague I have come across in 33 years of nursing. She has been a major player in relationship and sex education clinics, smoking cessation and screening.The women here at Styal highly respect and appreciate all that Jo does for them, the rapport she has with them is absolutely amazing.”

Tracey, Lead Nurse went on to say, I have had the pleasure of working with Jo for 10 years and she is a truly remarkable person. It is clear she has a natural understanding of the struggles and vulnerability of women within our care especially when you see the relationship she has with them and the respect they show her.Jo always has a smile, a listening ear and empathy, nothing is ever to much trouble. I think Jo is a Superhero.”

Sam, Pharmacist added, “Jo delivers fantastic work, she is always supporting us and liaising with specialist teams for efficient patient care.Thank you so much Jo it is always a joy working with you”.

The work Jo is doing to improve healthcare for the women in HMP Styal is truly inspiring. It’s never a no from Jo and it’s definitely a big YES from Spectrum!