Joining our team of #HiddenHeroes this week is Jane, Spectrum’s paramedic based at HMP Lancaster Farms.

Jane’s role is unique as she works closely with both healthcare and prison staff to help them respond to medical emergencies. Jane is often first on the scene in a crisis, providing vital clinical assistance to patients and acting as an important communication link between nurses, officers and emergency services.

Kevan, Head of Healthcare, said, “Jane’s attendance at emergency calls is calm and assured, reassuring both patients and staff and providing excellent clinical assistance. From the outset, Jane has demonstrated a professional approach and a fantastic willingness to integrate within our team, enhancing our emergency response reputation.”

Going above and beyond, she often assists the healthcare team by working with patients who need extra clinical assistance.

Nurse Leader, Debbie says, “Jane is quite frankly a workhorse! During the current pandemic not only has she continued to carry out her role to the highest standard, she’s also adapted and developed this to further support senior managers. For example, she works closely with our Advanced Nurse Practitioner and by going out on the wings to provide follow-up care, she’s sometimes able to pick up cases where patients have acute symptoms and intervene before it escalates into an emergency.”

“Throughout the pandemic Jane has guided the care of prisoners who are showing symptoms of COVID-19 and also assesses men who have recently arrived from other establishments and are isolated (due to COVID guidelines) before joining the general population. When she’s on shift, Jane provides a sense of calm and reassurance to patients, colleagues and prison staff.”

Jane is a pillar for colleagues and the calm in a storm, despite responding to situations which are often high-pressured and stressful. She is caring with the genuine desire to help others and the one person you want on your team in a crisis – she always goes the extra mile to help!

Helen, Advanced Nurse Practitioner, says, “Jane has massively enhanced the emergency response service here, always goes the extra mile and does it with the utmost professionalism. I am immensely grateful to the support she provides to my own role, allowing me to handover any follow-up care to ensure patients are monitored effectively.’”

David, Head of Residence & Services at HMP Lancaster Farms, added, “Jane’s experience and knowledge are invaluable. Her empathy and support when dealing with prisoners in crisis has helped us in many difficult situations – she is a pleasure to work with and I value her input.”

Keep up the great work Jane, the team at HMP Lancaster Farms are really onto a WYNNer with you on their side.