Helen, our amazing ANP

International Nurses’ Day recognises nurses at many stages of their career. Next among our #HiddenHeroes is Helen, who joined Spectrum as a Nurse prescriber and undertook training in 2018 to become an Advanced Nurse Practitioner (ANP) across the North West Prisons.

Helen helped to develop the ANP role in the North West and she has become a guide and mentor to other nurses, whilst never losing sight of patient needs. Her ANP clinics have improved access to care for patients in Lancaster Farms and have supported the wider healthcare team to achieve key targets, such as reducing patient waiting times.

Head of Service, Kevan, said, “Helen is an extremely hard-working, compassionate nurse who frequently demonstrates commitment to patients who present with some of the most complex healthcare needs.

“Helen goes out of her way to make herself available if someone needs support and is always pleasant and approachable, no matter what the pressures or circumstances might be. Clinically, professionally and personally, ‘Bishy’ leads by example.”

As an ANP, Helen is based in Lancaster Farms but travels to other prisons in the North West. Cluster Manager Sandra says, “Helen is a respected nurse not only in Lancaster Farms, but in the wider cluster. She is always flexible in her approach and will assist and help with any extra pieces of work. She is keen to develop knowledge and enhance her patient’s care and journey, and is currently studying for her RCGP Certificate in the Management of Drugs Misuse.”

Clinical Manager Debbie adds, “I have known Helen for a number of years and she has always been a huge support to me both personally and professionally. Helen is my ‘go to’ person – I know I can always speak with her if I need advice about something. I also think Helen’s presence gives the rest of the team a sense of calm and they really appreciate and rely on her role and position.”