Angie, Clinical Nurse Specialist for Wakefield Integrated Sexual Health Service (WISH), is a fantastic role model for nursing and the next of our #HiddenHeroes!

Angie qualified as a nurse in 1986 and began midwifery training the following year, where she developed an interest in health promotion and saw the impact that healthcare support had on the lives of patients. Angie has always been “people-centred” and motivated by helping others – when she moved to work in sexual health, Angie used this passion to build strong relationships with colleagues and patients.

One colleague said, “Angie is a truly caring and compassionate nurse, not just to her patients but to colleagues as well – always thinking about our emotional wellbeing and making sure everyone’s had a break and lunch. Angie is just one of those go-to people, caring and a real grafter.”

The nursing team rely on Angie’s composure during stressful times, when her skills and experience help them to manage complex patient care. She is particularly passionate about safeguarding and supporting young people, and coordinates the clinic’s Outreach provision (pre-COVID). Colleagues say, “Angie deals with some very difficult patient cases and each one is given undivided attention. She is meticulous in her approach and gives 100%, pushes forward, looks for positive ways of working and getting the job done.”

This has also been demonstrated during the Coronavirus situation, when Angie preferred to support colleagues on-site rather than working from home. Julia, Head of Service, said, ‘All of our staff deserve to be Hidden Heroes in my eyes but Angie is everything you could want from a nurse – she’s up there with the best! We all love and respect Angie – she’s always composed, quietly intelligent and reliable!’

Well done Angie and thanks for all you do – you are a fantastic role model! Read more about our #HiddenHeroes and the nurses we’re shining a light on for International Nurses’ Day.

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