Please tell us which Apprenticeship (or Programme) you are doing / or have recently completed.
I have undertaken the Nursing Associate Foundation Degree. This has been done over two years.

Why did you choose that Apprenticeship – did you have goals in mind?
I did this as I want to progress in my career and the apprenticeship was the best route for me, as I could still earn my wage and learn at the same time.

Having completed this course, I am able to go on to complete the top degree to become a Registered Nurse, which I have always wanted to do but due to family and financial commitments, it was never feasible before. The apprenticeship really was an excellent way for me to develop in my role and career with Spectrum.

Thinking about your time on the course, what are you most proud of?
Passing everything first time! Juggling work, family and study and has been very difficult and at times very stressful, but I got there in the end!

Has your Apprenticeship been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic (or other work pressures)?
I had one day at university before we went into lockdown. I feel I have not got the whole university experience as I had hoped for, but the university did an amazing job of online learning. This was the same for everyone, but I had good support from my family and some amazing work colleagues.

How do you think this Apprenticeship / programme has helped to develop your skills?
Doing this has given me a new set of skills, as I know have greater understanding of why we do things in practice and what they mean to us and to patients. I have grown in confidence and aware of my limitations and can’t wait to commence in my new role as a registered professional.

Would you encourage others to do an apprenticeship?
Yes I would, I am in my early forties have four children and I have managed to achieve what I thought would never be possible at my stage in life, so anybody who is passionate about nursing and patient care should take the opportunity.