Peter’s story

“Peter” began working with Inspiring Recovery in 2016 after spending over 10 years in sporadic contact with recovery services. At this time, he was coping with alcohol dependency and receiving a long-term prescription for methadone.

Peter was a recovering heroin user and struggled with anxiety and mental ill health, which worsened his dependence on alcohol. Staff worked hard to build up a positive relationship with him and he successfully completed treatment in 2019.

Our support

  • Peter was socially isolated and first began to drink heavily after coming off heroin. In and out of treatment for many years, he was in ‘denial’ about his alcohol use and self-medicated for anxiety and depression.
  • His Recovery Worker built a relationship with Peter over many months, encouraging him to start with small steps and gradually reduce his drinking. Staff also helped him to understand how much alcohol was harming his physical and mental health.
  • Peter’s history of drug use put him at risk of hepatitis, and when he tested positive for Hepatitis C he developed a new commitment to becoming clean from substances. He kept diligent Drinks Diaries which mapped his emotions around drinking and engaged well with staff. His mental health and demeanour began to improve after quitting alcohol, and he realised that recovery was achievable for him.


  • After testing positive for Hepatitis C, Peter agreed to work with Recovery staff towards an alcohol detox. He began a gradual reduction (swapping for lower strength drinks at first) and kept Drinks Diaries to map his progress.
  • This process was key in helping Peter overcome his denial about alcohol dependency.
  • Peter is now completely free from substances and is Hep C-negative. His mental health is improving and nurses comment that his demeanour has changed – his mood is lighter and he seems more positive.
  • Peter is also working to reduce his social anxiety and taking opportunities to rebuild his social network. He completed treatment successfully in 2019.