Big Lottery success: £9.8m to help West Yorkshire People with multiple issues

The Big Lottery Fund announced that the West Yorkshire partnership, which Spectrum is a part of, has received £9.8 million to support people with multiple problems like homelessness, mental ill health, addiction and reoffending.

The multi-million pound grant is being awarded to improve and better coordinate services to tackle the needs of people living chaotic lives. The programme – “West Yorkshire Big Lottery Fulfilling Lives Programme: Supporting People with multiple needs” – is aimed to improve the stability, confidence and capability of people with multiple and complex needs to lead better lives so they spend less time in prison, reduce their drug abuse, are in stable accommodation and have better mental health.

It is estimated that there are some 2,425 people with multiple problems in West Yorkshire- 60 per cent of which do not receive any help. More than a third live in Leeds where a recent survey has showed that more than 50% of people with multiple needs live with at least three of these problems. In Wakefield the figures are nearly 80% and stand at 95% in neighbouring Kirklees.

The WY-Fi partnership (West Yorkshire – Finding Independence) consists of DISC (lead partner), Spectrum, Bridge, Barca Leeds, Community Links, Foundation, Shelter, Touchstone and Together Women. The partnership will work across the five local authority districts to deliver the programme.



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