Banish the booze for Dry January

Spectrum is getting off to a healthy start in 2020 by supporting ‘Dry January’ – the national campaign to help more people ‘banish the booze’ for 31 days and feel the benefits of drinking less.

Whether you’re a weekend drinker, ‘social drinker’ or just like to unwind with an occasional glass of wine, cutting out alcohol can have a number of long-term benefits for your health. In 2018, four million people signed up to take part in the campaign and many continued to drink less throughout the rest of the year.

“Dry January” isn’t aimed at people who experience problem drinking but it can help everyone make small changes to improve their health. Last year:

  • 86% of participants saved money
  • 70% reported a better quality of sleep
  • 64% said they had more energy

Research shows that people who sign up to take part in Dry January are twice as likely to succeed than those who ‘go it alone’, and you can also access free resources and apps to track your progress. Worried that you might not have the motivation? Take the time to read success stories online and you can even share your own tips and tricks with friends and family who might be cutting down. Ready to take the plunge? Sign up now.