Spectrum Community Health is a not-for-profit organisation and social enterprise which strives to have a positive impact on the community, driving improvements to health and wellbeing whilst using all our assets and profits for the public good.

We seek to tackle social problems in our target areas and to create stable, resilient communities at local and regional levels.

As a social enterprise, Spectrum is able to:

  • Reinvest any profits back into the community through our services, including substance misuse clinics and sexual health centres. We also invest in community initiatives such as Relationship & Sex Education school health days and sponsorship of a variety of events (e.g. entries into the RHS Tatton Flower Show and the Great Yorkshire Bike Ride)
  • Develop a flexible approach and adapt to the needs of service users, allowing us to provide innovative support and cover any gaps in provision by mainstream services.
  • Support charitable initiatives through Spectrum People, the charity arm of the Spectrum family. Spectrum People promotes social inclusion and re-integration for vulnerable adults and ex-offenders, providing them with vocational opportunities, training and skills.

Spectrum CIC conducts annual Staff Surveys and has high rates of staff satisfaction across the organisation. We consistently empower our staff to make a difference and excel in their vocation.

Spectrum is a ‘spin-off’ organisation from the NHS, but still maintains its roots and staff benefits – including access to NHS discounts and the NHS Pension Scheme.

Spectrum forms part of the voluntary and community sector (also known as the third sector), prioritising social impact and driving improvements to health and wellbeing. We also maintain strong partnership relationships with other healthcare organisations, local NHS trusts and community services.