A Simple Pledge To Encourage Sensible Drinking

Parents and young people are being encouraged to make one simple pledge that will support sensible drinking at an alcohol awareness event in Wakefield precinct on Saturday 30th June.

Between 9am and 4pm a team of advisors from Spectrum Community Health will be offering expert advice around alcohol. It will help young people to understand the risks associated with drinking and support parents who need to talk to their children about the damage that alcohol can do.

Simple steps or pledges that parents can take, which could help young people make the right decision when it comes to alcohol, include:

  1. I will talk to my children about alcohol before their friends do
  2. I will explain the damage that alcohol can do
  3. I will listen and reassure if a child has tried alcohol
  4. I will think and plan about how to deal with issues
  5. I will set some ground rules
  6. I will set a good example about sensible drinking

Linda Harris, Chief Executive of Spectrum Community Health said: “We believe that one simple pledge can help parents to promote responsible drinking and also encourage young people to make the right decision when it comes to alcohol.

“Throughout the day our team will be offering expert advice and can confidentially answer any questions or concerns that people have when it comes to alcohol. We hope that lots of people will help to take one simple step towards sensible drinking.”

Spectrum Community Health is a social enterprise delivering healthcare services on behalf of NHS Wakefield District.  Services include expert advice, care and treatment for substance and alcohol misuse, and sexual health across the Wakefield district, as well as health and wellbeing services to local secure environments.

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