thumbnail of 10Yrs211 April 2021 marks 10 years since Spectrum first spun out of the NHS as a social enterprise. Our core purpose from the outset has been to provide healthcare for all and especially the most vulnerable people in our communities. On this milestone birthday, we are keen to reflect on the journey we’ve been on and to acknowledge the dedication of our staff, partners and commissioners in enabling us to deliver the best outcomes for our patients and drive forward excellence in healthcare.

Looking Back with Pride – Looking forward with Ambition

To mark 10 years of Spectrum, we’ve created a celebratory brochure looking back on our journey as a social enterprise. Take a few moments to read through this and find out how Spectrum has thrived since 2011. The brochure looks back on our 10-Year journey, with a comprehensive timeline of key events and an overview of the impact we’ve made on our patients and local communities. Read through to explore some our patient case studies, staff profiles, Awards and key achievements and to find out:

  • how we tackle inequalities head on
  • how we lead on improving population health
  • how we enhance the experience of care for vulnerable people

The brochure is also forward-looking – featuring reflections from our Chief Executive, Dr Linda Harris OBE, about how our past successes are shaping Spectrum’s ambitions for the future. Read it here.

The reflections of our Chief Executive, Dr Linda Harris

Looking back with Pride…

As the founding Chief Executive of Spectrum Community Health CIC, it is safe to say we came from humble beginnings, transferring out from the NHS but always with the aim of continuing to serve by adding even more value as a social enterprise.

We started out as WISMS (Wakefield Integrated Substance Misuse Service) in 2003, under NHS Wakefield District Primary Care Trust and a small team of 13. Five years later, the ‘Right to Request’ was introduced by the Department of Health, enabling staff to take the lead in setting up social enterprises. This programme was part of the national objective to ‘Transform Community Services’ and under Spectrum, we have been doing just!

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Beacon services and innovations

There are a multitude of examples of services and initiatives to illustrate how Spectrum has provided equitable healthcare, addressed barriers to services and tackled stigma around some of those who need high quality compassionate healthcare the most.

Here is a snapshot of the stand-out projects which have successfully engaged with lesser heard voices, whilst providing the best outcomes for our commissioners and partners over the years.

Click on the boxes below to see examples within each of the following categories.

Looking Ahead with Ambition

The coronavirus pandemic has brought unprecedented global-level challenges. The scars will be deep and all agencies will need to work hard and work together to combat the potential negative long-term impacts on human health and wellbeing. Furthermore, the economic, health and social impacts from the pandemic are likely to continue to be both significant and unequally distributed.

Whilst all of this is extremely sobering, having taken the time to look back and look hard at the last ten years, the ups and the downs, the good times and the bad and assimilate the huge amount of learning I feel extremely optimistic for Spectrum’s future and firmly believe everyone can be proud and look forward with ambition and here’s why:

COVID-19 highlights the holistic nature of being and staying well which can only be delivered through an integrated approach, rooted in an appreciation of social, economic, cultural and environmental contexts. Spectrum evidences this in droves through its commitment to ‘care around the person’, its clinical experience and expertise and its acknowledgement that improving population health requires practitioners making connections between and across multiple dimensions.

We are a community interest company that understands the ‘primacy of place’. We deliver care within unique community back stories, respecting and embracing the histories of the local areas we serve, building on and enhancing community assets and harnessing the voice of lived experience as the key to any sustained change.

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Festival of Leadership and Learning

As part of our 10-Year anniversary campaign, Spectrum is hosting a Festival of Leadership and Learning – 10 monthly learning sessions which focus on specific healthcare topics. Sign up for one of these free sessions to hear from leading voices across the NHS, Public Health England and a range of our regional partners – each one tackling hard-hitting topics, from the impact of COVID-19 to suicide prevention and the ongoing challenge of integrating healthcare.

As well as an array of guest speakers, you’ll get the chance to direct questions to our Learning & Leadership hosts in each session and network with other colleagues in the healthcare sector. Register your interest here.