Safer Drinking with WY Police and the Ben Manning Foundation

Revellers in Wakefield were encouraged to stay safer on nights out this summer through a special event in memory of a popular teenager. The Wakefield Neighbourhood Policing Team, Spectrum Community Health and the Ben Manning Music Foundation held a special awareness event with nightspots, including the Hop and Havana, to promote safe drinking in the […]

Relationship and Risky Behaviour Takes Centre Stage

If we look back at our school days I am sure that we will all have some regrets about how we dealt with certain situations and issues, but would we have dealt with them differently if we were better informed or educated on issues that we face whilst ‘growing up’? Our latest project, which recently […]

Centre Stage For Relationship and Risky Behaviour

Spectrum Community Health has teamed up with Yew Tree Arts to deliver a special performance and workshop that will help educate year 7 students (aged  11 to 12 years old) about relationships and risky behaviour. Yew Tree Arts has been visiting schools within the local area, delivering a performance called ‘Yearbook’ to more than 1400 […]